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IT services for Real Estate

TechspanCorp’s Center of Exellence for Yardi is focused on end to end Real Estate and Asset Management solution using Yardi Property Management Software.

We provide solutions for Commericial Real Eatate ,Housing, Industrial , Constructions & Developments companies. We focus on improving your Yardi® software platform experience.

Our team has expertise working with Yardi technologies to design and deploy solutions for companies of all types and sizes.

Whether you require planning and implementation of a new Yardi installation or simply need to assess, upgrade or support your existing system.

We offer services tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

TechspanCorp’s centre of excellence for Yardi, provides Planning, Design, Implementation, Upgradation, Maintenance and Support services.

We also offer custom development of Yardi Application ,Reports  ,Integrations and Datawarehousing , visualization expertise,


Our Yardi experts work with your Project teams to wisely prepare the Project Plan as per your organization necessities within the applicable Budget.

Project Plan is prepared considering various departments in your organization like Finance, Leasing, Marketing, Accounting, Management and others.

It emphasises on the precise Resource Planning and Management, effort estimation and change management.


Techspan’s purpose is to contribute for positive change by becoming the trusted partner of choice for customers and stake holders, by offering a cost effectiva ,

Scalable and reliable solutions.

This helps your new system, so you are LIVE and running quickly and reliably. To ensure a continuous and timely implementation, Project Management plays a crucial role.

We offer end-to-end Implementation services for Commercial, Residential, Retail, Budget & Forecast, Valuations, Rent Café, Inspection, Maintenance,

Unit Sales, Job Cost and other modules.

Our experienced staff is familiar with the Real estate terminologies across various regions that help us to gather the requirements speedily.

RFI document, Training Material, Configuration document, UAT documents preparation helps to run the project and track progress.

System Design and creation contains the User access, Custom menu preparation, Security settings, Workflow setup rules and system configuration.

We have a predefined customizable User Acceptance Test scripts that help to save a lot of time during Testing and Training.

Making sure all the issues are addressed that arise at the time of Implementation and post Go-Live support activities makes our implementation a successful one.

Support Services/Help Desk

Everyday operations may encounter Functional or Technical issues/queries. These could be a user Training issues, Technical errors or data issues.

We offer a quality service with a Minimum time to respond to the query which boosts user proficiency. Our team of support experts takes the time to familiarize

themselves with your Yardi environment, your organization and your business practices so that we are prepared to answer questions and provide guidance in line with your

firm’s policies and procedures. Recovery reconciliation, Retail Additional Rent, Forecasting & Budgeting queries, setting up new user accounts, Modifying and terminating access,

Performing periodic system access review and many more.

Upgrade Services

Clients using older version of Voyager 6.08 or 7.0 are migrating to 7s because of enhanced features and mobile capabilities. Upgrades are also required to use Voyager Plus.

Techspan will streamline this process by providing an upgrade plan that will move your firm into the next-generation Voyager product with minimal disruption to your ongoing business. Data migration, module support and training needs will be expertly handled to deliver a seamless upgrade experience to your team. We address all the issues at the time of Migration. Testing is a crucial part of upgrade services. We make sure each functionality is working and no links are broken by extensive testing of Functionalities and Reports.

Data Migration/Import/Conversion

Supporting the Data Migration process, from data cleansing to population of data import templates and ultimately testing of that data in the new system.

Data Migration plays a crucial role in the Implementation phase. Data Importing in Yardi using ETL’s. Data extraction and entry of data in CSV/Excel or standard ETL files to import

in Yardi Voyager and Validate it. Managing ETL Objects and Foreign database configuration. We also offer services from MRI to Yardi and vice versa.

Custom Reporting

Custom reports can save your staff 100’s of hours a year by extracting the information you need and presenting it the way you want, without “fixing" it first in Excel.

Our approach to reporting for Yardi products emphasizes accuracy, ease of use and consistency. The innovative combination of creative filter sections, report views and group/sort

options means one report can produce multiple outputs for operational users, management, finance teams or any other business units. High quality and accurate reporting based on the

Specifications. YSR reporting, Orion BI Reports, creating packages for data fixes at a very attractive cost.

Accurate effort estimations of the report. Building report packets, reports consolidations, Tenant Letters, Setup Reports, Operational Report, Financial Reports.

Conversion of SSRS and Crystal reports to YSR reports. Modifications to the existing report.


We provide customized education, training and documentation services to ensure that your team is well-equipped and effective. Every organization is different, and no single Yardi

training and documentation process will work for every firm. This is where we believe the philosophy of delivering highly-customized solutions really helps.

We assess your team’s education needs, build a logical plan of action and deploy the education scheme best suited to your firm. Training as per the Business Model.

Virtuous training at a very economical rate. New user Training or Refresher Training. We prepare a training agenda and can provide a customized manual in MS Word or PDF format.

We offer development services for  API based integrations services to connect to various enterprise applications in HR,Financial and Budgeting areas like Yardi ABF ,Ultipro, Argus , Nexus, other ERP systems like Oracle,Peoplesoft and SAP.

Modules Supported:

  1. Commercial/Retail
  2. Residential
  3. Commercial Leasing Pad
  4. Property Management
  5. Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting
  6. Valuations
  7. Construction
  8. Payscan
  9. Rent Café
  10. Inspection
  11. Unit Sales
  12. Fixed Assets