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Applied Intelligence

Applied Intelligence is a smarter, faster and more effective approach to collecting, processing and analyzing your data, creating business insights which help identify clear opportunities to act on, and automating those actions where possible to unlock business values.

Techspan Applied Intelligence helps to maximize the existing investments and extend new technologies across businesses and different verticals

Our Offerings

Our Applied Intelligence services help clients move from their wishes to actual actions by providing an end-to-end vision.

To achieve the same, we use ML (Machine Learning), DA (Data Analytics) and Automation Transformation in all phases of software.

We also help organizations integrate these algorithms with image & video analytics.

Techspan uses emerging technologies such as augmented reality & virtual reality to deliver utmost customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge over other service providers.

Artificial Intelligence

We use AI, to learn your business goals, read through your existing data and leverage deep learning, so that we can build “Automation” for your critical business processes.

We drive AI based automation across Infrastructure, Application, Network, Cloud monitoring.

Evaluate, develop and execute AI adoption roadmaps to meet organizational strategic business goals.

Leverage cognitive computing to optimize customer experience and rationalize resource utilization to its best.

Build NLP (Natural Language Processing) models to optimize enterprise content management and improve operational efficiency

Fraud prevention and surveillance using advanced analytics, automation and deep learning. This is also known as Predictive Analysis.

Data Science & Machine Learning (ML)

We combine effective solutions with Business Intelligence for better visibility into enterprise data or information.

Continuous Analytics based QA for proactive prediction of failures and faster testing cycles of your software products.

Drive AI based log, infrastructure analytics for preventive maintenance of servers and applications periodically.

Use data, analytics to create new business models, for improving organizational intelligence

Data engineering, innovation for knowledge graphs, business statistics and deep neural networks.

Leverage data consumption pattern, modernization approaches for integration of analytics, visualization

Internet of Things (IoT)

We define the right IoT landscape through use of technology, business and strategy driven methodologies

Industry focused IoT solutions for Manufacturing, Construction, Logistics, and Energy sectors.

Offer solution frameworks and acceleration suites for rapid deployment of IoT applications in different business domains.

Build IoT data platform, enabling secure data ingestion, management & multi-tenant applications

Ensure upgrade of IoT devices, observe data pattern and performance analysis to measure data models

Orchestrate IoT convergence with your business processes migration, automation leveraging analytics, data science.


We ensure your “Enterprise infrastructure” automation for proactive management through proven tools and software solutions.

We use automation in application and data life cycle management, by leveraging machine learning and data crunching.

Improving efficiency and customer satisfaction experience through automated chat bots and cognitive services

Task automation through extensive usage of Robotic Process Automation (RBA) frameworks and related tools.

Automation of build, release management through adoption of end-to-end DevOps platforms (CI & CD).

Product Expertise